Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my refund?Refunds can take 10 business days. This is managed through Stripe. Please be patient.
Will I get wet?Yes
Can children kayak on their own?Children under 10 are required to ride with an adult. The Tandem Kayak is perfect for two adults and a small child.
How long is the full trip?Everyone finds the full trip takes different amounts of time.
The average individual finds the full trip takes two hours.
Please book accordingly. Two hours is recommended.
Do you provide life jackets?Yes. Life jackets are available. You are welcome to bring your own life jacket.
Is alcohol allowed?No. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted. Safety comes first.
What foot wear should I wear?High heals are not recommended. Please wear comfortable footwear that vou don’t mind getting wet.
Are helmets required?No
Are there seat belts?No
Can I book an additional hour?If an additional slot is available yes
Where do I park?Parking is available at Shade’s mills park. Park admission fees required for entry.
Shade’s mills park info?